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Common Questions About Our Affordable Cleaning Solutions

Are you interested in Machris Cleaning Service‘s affordable cleaning solutions and want to book them as soon as possible? Then, reading this FAQ page could give you thorough information about our team’s way of working, so you can be extra sure to contact us immediately and schedule your appointment.

Q: What is included in carpet cleaning?

A: Carpet cleaning professionals will make sure to vacuum all dust, hair, and debris away from your carpet. Also, they will remove stains and wash the fabric until it is dirt-free.

Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare my office before the cleaning?

A: There are no specific tasks to do in preparation for your office cleaning. However, if you feel more comfortable with it, you can put away all documents containing sensitive information or work in progress that you don’t want to risk in any way.

Q: How long does a carpet cleaning take?

A: A regular carpet cleaning session typically lasts about 30 minutes. However, stains and harsh dirt that need to be scrubbed might extend the time needed to complete the cleaning.

Q: What steps are involved in a window cleaning service?

A: To clean windows properly and ensure sparkling-clean results, specialists must start by removing and cleaning the window’s screens, since they accumulate tons of dust. Then, your trusted cleaners must wet the glass to soften the dirt attached to it. They can use soap or specialized window-cleaning products to scrub the dirt and remove it from the glass. After that, they must rinse the window and dry it with paper towels. Finally, they should wipe the edges and other parts of the window’s structure and put the screens back.

Q: How long does a typical cleaning session take?

A: The duration of a regular cleaning session varies depending on the requirements of the space and the amount of dirt that must be removed. As a reference, a medium-sized home with everyday dirt can be cleaned in about 4 to 6 hours.

Q: How often should I schedule a cleaning service?

A: You can make use of affordable cleaning solutions as often as you feel your spaces need them. An average room with an average accumulation of dirt must be cleaned from one to two times a week.

Q: What year was your company founded?

A: Machris Cleaning Service has been serving commercial and residential customers all throughout Capitol Heights, MD and the adjoining areas since 2023. After a full year of hard work, we have reached a robust reputation as a trusted resource for addressing the cleaning needs of all kinds of properties.

Q: Do you offer toilet cleaning?

A: Absolutely, we do! Toilet cleaning is among our extensive range of affordable cleaning services as one of the most popular requests. We can eliminate dirt and disinfect toilets with outstanding results!

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: For the time being, our trusted professionals only take cash as a payment method for our exceptional services.

Q: Do you offer office cleaning?

A: Sure thing! Our professional cleaners will not hesitate to get rid of grime, trash, dust, and other types of dirt in your office in Capitol Heights, MD and deliver impeccable results.

We are happy you took the time to explore our FAQ section! Hopefully, it contained the answers you were expecting to find. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (301) 709-4933 and ask whatever you need to know about us. Call us now!

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